Kaneka has invested in AB-Biotics SA, a Spanish biotech company and concluded a license agreement for production and sales of its probiotics products.

Kaneka Corporation
May 11, 2018

Kaneka Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, President : Mamoru Kadokura) has acquired 34.8% share of AB-Biotics (“ABB”) (Barcelona, Spain, a Spanish biotech company focusing on research, development, and distribution of its own products using lactic acid bacteria). At the same time, Kaneka has concluded a license agreement with ABB to grant Kaneka the exclusive rights for production and sales of ABB’s products in North America (USA and Canada) and Japan. Kaneka aims to accomplish Yen 10 billion sales in 2022 by developing and launching differentiated new products in a promising and fast-growing market, enjoying the synergy effect between ABB’s and Kaneka’s technology and products.

Lactic acid bacteria have been drawing people’s attention for its effect and efficacy not only to intestinal function and immune system, but also to allergic symptoms and infectious diseases. The interest and business of dairy products such as yoghurt, functional foods and dietary supplements containing lactic acid bacteria is also rapidly increasing.

The market size of health food using lactic acid bacteria has exceeded $ 2 billion in North America. In Japan, a lot of new products such as yoghurt, drinks and dietary supplements containing lactic acid bacteria have been launched in the market, with the expectation of higher demand than ever.

ABB possesses advanced R&D capability with more than 550 original probiotic strains extracted from human origin samples. ABB sells a wide range of clinically documented probiotics products, which improves intestinal environment and have clear effects to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, periodontal diseases, infectious diseases, etc. to health food and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Kaneka has been expanding its functional food business globally such as regenerative co-enzyme Q10 (Kaneka QH TM), polyphenol derived from licorice (Kaneka Gravonoid TM) and plant-derived lactic acid bacillus, fully supported by the evidence data regarding its safety and beneficial effects to human.
Kaneka has also started dairy products business, such as milk, butter and yoghurt in Japan under technical cooperation with Pur Natur Invest BVBA (Kruishoutem, Belgium, President: Marc Verhamme).

Kaneka promotes business development to provide solutions that support healthy and energetic lives.

  1. Probiotics:live microbial community and foods which contains live microbial community, giving beneficial effects to human body by improving intestinal environment, controlling intestinal function and immune system.

【AB-Biotics SA】

Headquarters :Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Business :Development and sales of acid lactic bacteria for functional foods
Establishment :2004
Paid Capital :629,400 Euro