Kaneka Increasing Production Capacity of Modifiers for Epoxy Resins

Kaneka Corporation
February 8, 2019

Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mamoru Kadokura) has made a decision to expand the production facilities of the modifiers for epoxy resins (Product Name: KANE ACE® MX; hereafter, MX) in Takasago Manufacturing Site (Location: Takasago City, Hyogo), responding to a growing demand across the world. Kaneka intends to expand its business by doubling the production capacity. The investment will be approximately 1.6 billion yen and the plant is due to go into operation in July, 2020.

MX are modifiers that are composed of thermosetting resins such as epoxy resins with core shell rubber particles* uniformly dispersed. MX can improve toughness and durability without reducing thermal resistance property which epoxy resins originally have. As structural adhesives for automotive, adhesives for blades of wind power generators, and reinforcing materials for composites and copper-clad laminates, the sales have been increasing across the world and the existing facilities have already been in full production. A demand for MX is expected to further expand across the world in response to reduction in weight of automobile and aircraft, and multi-layer-copper-clad laminates required by high-speed communications such as 5G.

By providing MX globally to contribute in evolution of mobility and more comfortable life, Kaneka will expand the business, aiming for sales of 20 billion yen in 2025.

* A particle which has a multi-layer structure with a “core” in its center and a “shell” wrapping around the core. The combination of a core and a shell develops a variety of functions.