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Company History

1949 Separated from Kanegafuchi Spinning Co., Ltd.
Developed polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
1950 Started first mass production of PVC, Kanevinyl, in Japan.
Started first production of PVC wire covering.
1952 Developed and marketed solution-type PVC, Kanevilack.
1953 Started large scale production of margarine and shortening.
Started production of flexible PVC compounds, Kanevinyl Compound.
1957 Developed and marketed Kanekalon. (Kanecaron)
1958 Awarded Deming Application Prize.
1960 Completed PVC, Kanevinyl, plant.
1961 Developed and marketed Belco.
1964 Developed and marketed Kane Ace B.
1965 Developed and marketed expandable polystyrene, Kanepearl.
Started sales of Kanekalon wig, Fontaine.
1966 Started first production of rigid PVC compounds, Kanevinyl Compound.
Developed and marketed heat resistant ABS resin, Kaneka MUH (Transferred in 2001).
1967 Developed and marketed dispersion PVC.
1968 Established Europe office, New York office.
Developed and marketed chlorinated PVC.
Completed vinyl chloride monomer plant using oxychlorination process.
1970 Developed and marketed extruded polystyrene foam board, Kanelite Foam.
Established Kaneka Belgium N.V.
1971 Completed Kanepearl plant.
Established Kaneka America Corporation.
1972 Developed and marketed self-extinguishing ABS resin, Enplex.
1973 Received prize from the Society of Polymer Science of Japan for Kane Ace B resin manufacturing technology.
Developed and marketed polyethylene foam by beads method, Eperan.
Developed and marketed bonded magnet, Kaneka Flux.
Completed plant for Kane Ace B at Kaneka Belgium N.V.
1974 Developed Glutathione, pharmaceutical intermediate for hepatic medicines, using fermentation methods and started production.
1977 Developed and marketed Ubidecarenone, pharmaceutical bulk for cardiac medicines.
1978 Developed and marketed weather resistant MMA family film, Sunduren.
1979 Established Kaneka Singapore Co. (Pte.) Ltd.
Developed and marketed Silyl terminated polyethers, Kaneka MS polymer.
1980 Marketed pharmaceutical intermediates, HPG.
1981 Received prize from the Society of Polymer Science of Japan for Kaneka MS Polymer.
1982 Marketed PVC sash window, Excel Window.
Received award from the Chemical Society of Japan for the technical development of D-para-hydroxyphenylglycine manufacturing technology.
Established Kaneka North America LLC, formerly known as Kaneka Texas Corporation.
1983 Received a "Nikkei Superior Product and Service Award" for Kanekalon's artificial fur from the Nikkei Marketing Journal.
Developed and marketed AMMPA Kaneka, intermediate for anti-hypertensive medicine.
Developed and marketed acrylic silicon polymer, Kaneka Gemlac.
1984 Received award from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan for flame retardant fiber technology.
Developed and marketed amorphous photovoltaic modules.
Developed and marketed polyimide film, Apical.
Completed plant for Kane Ace B at Kaneka Texas.
1985 Developed and marketed polypropylene foam by beads method, Eperan PP.
Completed plant for Eperan at Kaneka Belgium N.V.
1986 Developed and marketed plasmapheresis system.
Received prize from the Society of Fermentation Technology, Japan for ß-hydroxy fatty acid.
1987 Received prize from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan for Kanekalon coloring and spinning method.
1988 Received Inoue Harushige Award from the Research Development Corporation of Japan for amorphous photovoltaic modules research and commercialization.
1989 Established Allied-Apical Co.
Received award from the Society of Polymer Science of Japan for plasmapheresis system.
Developed modified PET resin, Kaneka Hyperite.
1990 Started production of Eperan and Eperan PP at Kaneka Texas.
Started production of Apical at Allied-Apical Co.
1991 Developed and marketed Selesorb, a selective adsorption column for systemic lupus erythematosus.
1992 Received award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for MS Polymer.
Established Kaneka Technical Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai.
1993 Established Nantong Sunrise Worsted Spinning Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Kyusyu Kanekalon Co., Ltd. Kanematsu Corporation, and Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Received award from the Kinki Chemical Society, Japan, for Apical NPI.
Received award from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan, for Protex, a flame retardant fiber.
1994 Established Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V.
1995 Marketed transparent film, Elmech.
Established Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
1996 Established Kaneka Delaware Corporation.
Established Kaneka Plastics Corporation.
Established Kaneka Eperan Sdn. Bhd.
1997 Started production of Eperan, MBS resin at Kaneka Malaysia.
Established Kaneka High-Tech Materials, Inc. to succeed the Apical operations of Allied-Apical Company, Inc.
Started the production of Epion, an allyl or terminated polyisodutylenes , at the Kashima Plant, Japan.
Established Kaneka Pharma America Corporation.
Started the production of Kaneka MS Polymer at Kaneka Belgium N.V.
1998 Established Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Kaneka Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
1999 Established Kaneka Paste Polymers Sdn. Bhd.
2000 Acquired ISO 14001 registration at four plants in Japan.
Completed new Eperan factory in Michigan for Kaneka Texas Corporation.
Attained ISO 9001 certification for alol related company divisions (an industry first) involved in making Kanelite Foam.
Started domestic sales of photovoltaic solar power generation system.
Constructed life sciences research divisions.
Developed word's first non-fluorocarbon, non-halogen foaming agent type Kanelite Foam, the Type 3 insulation panel.
2002 Began to sell the functional food material "Kaneka Coenzyme Q10."
Began to sell large-area see-through type photovoltaic modules.
Began to sell nation's first embolization coil.
2003 Established HiHua Fiber Co., Ltd.
Established Kaneka Eperan (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Developed an imide film capable of forming a three-dimensional optical waveguide with a laser.
2005 Developed an industry's first Acryl grafted-Vinyl Chloride copolymer, PRICTMER.
2006 Industrialized world's first Telechelic polyacrylate.
Developed a new injection molding resin by applying proprietary nanocomposite technology.
Developed toughness-enhancing master batches for epoxy resin.
2007 Established Kaneka Pharma Vietnam Co.,Ltd & KSS Vietnam Co., Ltd.
2008 Developed a new resin with high mechanical strength and high light resistance, ILLUMIKA.
Developed world's most advanced high thermal conductive graphite sheet, Graphinity.
2009 Established Photovoltaic & Thin Film Device Research Laboratories.
Established Solar Cell Research Division in Kaneka Belgium.
Established KM Transderm Ltd.
2010 Developed new thermally conductive plastics with electric insulating properties.
Developed the industry’s first dual UV/moisture-curing adhesive in collaboration with Chemtech.
Established Kaneka India Pvt.Ltd.
Formed a capital alliance with the Belgian biotechnology company, Eurogentec.
Rolled out Organic EL Lighting Panels Business.
Established GeneFrontier Corporation.
Established Kaneka Innovative Fibers Sdn.Bhd.
2011 Developed world's first completely bio-based polymer with soft and heat-resistant properties
Received prize from the Society of Polymer Science of Japan for Telechelic polyacrylate.
Established Kaneka Modifiers Deutschland GmbH.
Established Kaneka Taiwan Corporation.
Established Kaneka Korea Corporation.
Established Kaneka (Foshan) Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.
Developed a new thermosetting imide resin for a carbon-fiber-reinforced composite material with high heat-resistance.
Received prize from the 21th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference.
2012 Established Kaneka Asia Co., Ltd., an Asia regional umbrella hub based in Shanghai, China.
Established Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., an America regional umbrella hub based in Texas, USA.
Began to sell KANEKA KanCapA selected by global pharmaceutical companies.
Established Kaneka Apical Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
2013 Established Kaneka South America Representative Ltd.
Established PT.Kaneka Foods Indonesia.
Established Kaneka US Material Research Center Facility within Texas A&M.
Began to sell CellEffic BM in Europe.
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