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KANEKA enters Supply Agreement with Pall for the sale of KANEKA KanCapA Protein A Chromatography Resin

~ Accelerating global market expansion ~

February 15, 2016

Kaneka Corporation (Osaka, Japan; President: Mamoru Kadokura) is pleased to announce the signing of a supply agreement for Protein A Chromatography Resin (KANEKA KanCapA) with Pall Corporation (NY, USA; President & CEO: Rainer Blair). This agreement defines comprehensive terms and conditions for Pall’s global supply of KANEKA KanCapA.
KANEKA KanCapA, which consists of high affinity and alkaline resistant protein A ligand developed by KANEKA’s leading protein engineering technology and highly cross-linked cellulose beads, is compatible with high flow rates and suitable for industrial scale use. KANEKA KanCapA has already been used by several global pharmaceutical companies since its commercial launch in 2012.
Pall Corporation is a producer of filtration, separation, and purification equipment. Pall has a significant market share in Bioprocessing equipment, materials, and production systems and is focusing on continuous Bioprocessing systems, which can afford a more efficient processes than the traditional batch style production systems.
Pall showed a strong interest in KANEKA KanCapA’s industrial scale performance and easy scalability. By introducing KANEKA KanCapA, Pall will have a complete continuous Bioprocessing system from Upstream to Downstream.
KANEKA will utilize Pall’s global sales and technical support network in addition to its original Sales Force. This will drive KANEKA to reach its sales target of 10 billion Japanese Yen by 2022. In addition, in close collaboration, KANEKA and Pall aim to develop new products and services meeting market needs for new Bioprocessing technologies.
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