These modifiers are polymer particles with multilayer structure (core shell technology). The particles are dispersed uniformly into vinyl chrolide and engineering plastics, and improve the processability, matting, light diffusion and flame retardance. Applications are building supplies, automotive interior and exterior materials and others.

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Product Name

Kane Ace™ PA

Improve processability; fusion time, foam ability and lublication for PVC, PMMA and others

Kane Ace™ MP

Improve matting qnd light difusion for PVC, PC and PMMA

Kane Ace™ MR

Improve flame resistance and toughness of PC

Kane Ace™ MC

Compound resin for acrylic capping with excellent weather resistance


Performance Polymers (MOD) Solutions Vehicle

Resins with a range of functionality, including heat resistance, weather resistance, and flame resistance are supporting everyday lives and lifelines by stimulating new technologies in a variety of fields, including architecture, automobiles, household appliances, and digital devices.