R&B Philosophy

We actively introduce cutting‒edge technologies, transform R&D into R&B(Research & Business), pursue market and customer‒oriented values,
and develop creative technologies to provide unique, global number‒one, and excellent materials.

R&B Strategy

As a solution provider, we will do our utmost to develop overwhelmingly competitive materials by strengthening the technology of global sourcing and open innovation. We will strengthen allocation of resources in the life science and electronics fields in pursuit of themes with speed and scale.

Strengthen R&B Structure

Identify promising themes that are impactful, innovative, and implementable

Open business innovation

Discover unique, world-leading, high-performance materials

Life science


R&B Framework

Under the current environment of rapid globalization, dramatic market changes and borderless competition, we established an R&B framework with laboratories in each business segment and technical field. This framework allows speedy managerial decision-making based on close collaboration between sales divisions and the R&B division, with the goal of promoting more specialized and efficient R&D, as well as creating new businesses.