Kaneka Launching “Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur”

―Available from August 1st in 2 flavors: “Plain with No added sugar” and “Blueberry”―

Kaneka Corporation
July 2, 2019

Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mamoru Kadokura) will launch “Belgian Yogurt TM Pur Natur Plain with No added sugar” and “Belgian Yogurt TM Pur Natur Blueberry”, made with Belgian traditional manufacturing method, on August 1st. The products will be sold through its affiliate food sales company, Kaneka Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Genichiro Kocho) at bakeries, mass retail stores, convenience stores, and general retail stores in Japan.

“Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur” offers a natural sweetness and a slight sourness of raw milk, as well as a unique smooth texture produced by the two-step fermentation process that is based on the traditional manufacturing method of a Belgian company Pur Natur Invest BVBA, our technical tie-up partner. Also, rich and full bodied taste are achieved through the blending and fermenting of 4 different types of lactic acid bacteria. Health benefits of yogurt has attracted attention in Japan; however in recent years, there is a tendency to place a greater emphasis on the palatability of the yogurt and to enjoy the taste itself.* With “Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur” that pursues deliciousness, Kaneka will strive to develop a new market.

Since last year, Kaneka have sold “Milk for Bread” and “Fermented Butter” made with high quality milk from Hokkaido and Pur Natur’s technologies, and will further offer a variety of products to accelerate the market development. In addition, the construction of a dairy product plant is now under consideration, with a goal of achieving net sales of 20 billion yen in the dairy product business over the next four years.

* According to our research conducted in July, 2018 via online survey targeted at n= 600 males and females in their 10’s to 60’s

About “Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur”
Customers: Bakeries, mass retail stores, convenience stores, and general retail stores in eastern Japan, western Japan and the Kyushu region.
Product Name/ Content/ Suggested Retail Price:
・”Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur Plain with No added sugar”, 105g, \166 + tax
・”Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur Blueberry”, 100g, \183 +tax
・Rich and full bodied taste
・Natural sweetness and a slight sourness of raw milk
・Unique smooth texture

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<General description of Kaneka Shokuhin Co., Ltd.>

Headquarters             : Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business description : Purchase and sales of food for bakery, confectionery, and processed foods, Machine sales
President      : Genichiro Kocho

<General description of Pur Natur Invest BVBA (Pure Nature)>

Headquarters     : the Kingdom of Belgium Kruishoutem
Business description : Manufacture and sales of dairy products, jams, fruit spreads
President      : Marc Verhamme