Kaneka’s see-through photovoltaic modules are adopted in the Japan National Stadium

―Utilizes the technology of high conversion efficiency crystalline Si see-through solar cells―

Kaneka Corporation
February 4, 2020

High conversion efficiency crystalline Si see-through photovoltaic modules* by Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mamoru Kadokura) have been adopted for use in the Japan National Stadium.

These see-through photovoltaic modules that have been adopted were developed for openings in general buildings, such as skylights and windows. They generate the electric power under the sunlight while having a feature of the transparent glass window and providing sufficient lighting and visibility. They are being actively proposed as an energy-generation technology that contributes to zero energy buildings (ZEB) to companies and public facilities that are strengthening their environmental management and BCPs (Business Continuity Plans), and discussions related to their adoption are currently progressing.

Along with solar power generation systems for residences, Kaneka will also develop the special photovoltaic products that can be installed in a variety of positions, including the outer surfaces and windows of buildings such as non-residential structures and high-rise buildings, and that also respond to the design needs of architects. Kaneka will continue to strengthen our original photovoltaic products, design proposals, and construction method proposals to provide solutions to environmental and energy problems.

Interior of the Japan National Stadium
(Courtesy of Taisei Corporation)
High conversion efficiency
c-Si see-through PV module
(Actual visibility may differ from the photo)








* Photovoltaic modules that provide the transparency for natural lighting by having stripe-shaped crystalline Si solar cells arranged in-between laminated glass. It has fire safety functionality through multi-layering wired glass.
Note: The photo of the Japan National Stadium is provided courtesy of Taisei Corporation.