Kaneka releases “Watashi no Chikara (My Energy) ™ - Q10 Yogurt”

Kaneka Corporation
January 18, 2021
On January 25, Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Minoru Tanaka) will begin selling the new product “Watashi no Chikara (My Energy) ™ - Q10 Yogurt”, which allows consumers a convenient dietary intake of the active form of Coenzyme Q10*1(Ubiquinol). Through its affiliate company, Kaneka Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Genichiro Kocho), the yogurt will be sold in bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores, general retailers and Kaneka’s online shop*2, and a TV commercial is scheduled to air in line with its release.

With the recent spread of the novel coronavirus, concerns about health have risen further. Along with the rise of health concern, the consumption of yogurt is also increasing*3 and the domestic yogurt market is expanding.
“Watashi no Chikara (My Energy) ™ - Q10 Yogurt” contains 100 mg of active form of Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol), Bifidobacteria and three kinds of Lactic acid bacteria, supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Based on their mission of “Kaneka thinks Wellness First”, Kaneka will further expand its unique lineup of products focused on delicious flavor and health, including functional products that combines our Lactic-acid bacteria and nutritional supplements, contributing to richer dietary lives.
*1. Utilizing its own original fermentation technology, Kaneka became the first in the world to successfully mass produce active form of Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol) material from yeast. Kaneka is a leading company in supplying active form of Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol) to pharmaceutical and supplement companies around the world. With active form of Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol) being used in supplements in over 450 products sold in Japan, the US, Europe and other Asian countries (as of April 2019), it is a material being used habitually by a great many people. Furthermore, supplements with active form of Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol) are being sold by Kaneka’s affiliate company, Kaneka Your Health Care Co., Ltd., as licensed functional foods.
*2. Kaneka Online Shop:https://www.kaneka.co.jp/onlineshop/
*3. From an emergency survey on diet trends in relation to the effects of COVID-19 by the Japan Dairy Association (J-milk).

About “Watashi no Chikara (My Energy) ™ - Q10 Yogurt”
Retailer clients: supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, bakeries, general retailers
Suggested Retail Price:138yen + tax
Product features:100 mg of active form of coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinol)
                          Bifidobacteria and three kinds of Lactic acid bacteria
                          Zero sugar and zero fat – ‘zero sugar’ refers to no usage of sugar (as per food indication standards)
Brand Page URL https://www.kaneka.co.jp/q10yogurt/
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