Kaneka completed Health Mother Center “KANEKA Wellness Center Kaze no Mori”

Kaneka Corporation
July 29, 2022
Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Minoru Tanaka) completed KANEKA Wellness Center Kaze no Mori (Kaze no Mori), the symbol of the company’s health management, on 19th July at the Takasago Manufacturing Site (Hyogo Prefecture).

Kaneka is putting ESG management into practice and is working on achieving “Health Management – Wellness First” which will bring health to the world. We aim to make each of our employees spending one’s life healthy and vibrant while developing one’s ability and showing one’s full potential at work, by making oneself healthier both mentally and physically. The reason we wanted to establish Kaze no Mori was because we want to place importance on human nature through health.
Kaneka bases its philosophy on a Human Driven Company which means that a company cannot grow sustainably if its people do not grow and we are putting all our efforts into creating a new work culture that is suitable for the modern age. Kaze no Mori is a Wellness Life & Work Lab that works on improving lifestyle habits, preventative medicine and medical history and will be used as a Wellness Lounge for employees’ breaks, communication and co-working.

Kaze no Mori was designed by Kuma Kengo, who is internationally renowned in the architectural world, and who worked on the design of the Japan National Stadium. The design concept is ‘a roof of earth blended in the forest’. The design, by making use of nature, embodies “coexistence and sense of unity between human and nature” which is made in the image of a bird sanctuary.

Furthermore, Kaneka’s Solar Circuit* creates a comfortable environment and we have achieved the status of Net-Zero Energy Building (ZEB) by installing VISOLATM, a newly developed high-performance tile with integrated solar cell s on the large symbolic roof. We created an indoor environment with a relaxing wooden space in harmony with the forest outside and a relaxation corner with OLED lighting to be used as a base for incorporating company solutions and communicating information.

*. Kaneka’s own Solar Circuit construction method that combines exterior insulation and double ventilation is Kaneka’s house construction method carefully designed to offer rich living comfort.

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Location: 1-21, Okihama-cho, Takasago-cho, Takasago-shi, Hyogo
Design & Plan: Kengo Kuma & Associates, Taisei Corporation
Photos: Norihito Yamauch

Photos by Norihito Yamauchi