Kaneka increases Kaneka MS Polymer ™ production capacity in Europe

-Investment of approx. 5 billion yen; increase in production facilities in response to increasing demand-

Kaneka Corporation
August 8, 2022
Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Minoru Tanaka) has decided to increase production capacity of Silyl-terminated polyether (product name: Kaneka MS Polymer *) at Kaneka Belgium N.V. (Headquarters: Westerlo, Belgium; President: Kan Okabe) in order to respond to vigorous demand in Europe. Production capacity will be increased by 10,000 tons annually and planned investment is approx. 5 billion yen with a view to operation from June 2024. This will bring annual production capacity to 43,000 tons.

In Europe, demand in the markets for elastic adhesive and sealant is forecast to increase based on the promotion of insulation retrofits and the trend of non-heating, energy-saving processes due to green politics. We can expect dramatic growth as some adhesives and sealants made from Kaneka MS Polymer ™ have the features of being solventless, workability at low temperatures, and good weather resistance which respond to the tightening of environmental regulations. In addition to continuing to throw new and differing polymers into the market, by providing material solutions in addition to formulation / application technology, we are aiming to actively create a new usage market and further expand business in Europe.

Kaneka has established production systems at four bases in Japan, Europe, the US and Asia. We will increase capacity in a timely manner to respond to vigorous future demand, reinforcing global supply systems and cement our position as a top manufacturer.

*. Kaneka MS Polymer ™: Kaneka’s world-first commercialised silyl-terminated polyether. It is used as a base material for sealant and elastic adhesive.
                         Kaneka Belgium N.V.