Kaneka Group Proposal Selected for "Renewable Energy Visualization Model Program for Tokyo-Owned Facilities (Building-integrated Photovoltaics Power Generation Equipment)"

- Proposal for introduction of "T-Green Multi Solar" Building-integrated Photovoltaics-

Kaneka Corporation
September 30, 2022
Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Minoru Tanaka) made a proposal and was selected in an open call by the Tokyo Bureau of Environment for its “Renewable Energy Visualization Model Program for Tokyo-Owned Facilities (Building-integrated photovoltaics [BIPV] Power Generation Equipment)”. This proposal is based on the BIPV power generation equipment called T-Green Multi Solar which was developed jointly with Taisei Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiro Aikawa).

The Tokyo Basic Environment Plan sets a clear target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the city to half by 2030 as it works towards reaching net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Using renewable energy as a core energy source is one of the measures to achieve this target. This model program therefore aims to take the lead in deploying new renewable energy technologies whose adoption is in primary stage, such as BIPV power generation equipment, in facilities owned by Tokyo. The results will be visualized to contribute to greater adoption in private sector facilities in the future.
The rooftops of Tokyo buildings are small, so the amount of space available for the installation of photovoltaic panels is limited. The use of panels on the sides of buildings is hampered by design limitations. These have presented obstacles to the widespread use of photovoltaic panels. To address this situation, in 2019, Kaneka and Taisei Corporation jointly developed T-Green Multi Solar. These BIPV panels have exceptional design qualities and can be installed on walls, which have significant power generation potential. Since then, we have been working to promote their adoption. We believed that the knowledge and results our companies had developed with BIPV were aligned with the aims of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, so we applied in response to an open call for proposals by the Tokyo Bureau of Environment. After a comprehensive application screening, our proposal was selected.

First, in 2022, we will be installing T-Green Multi Solar BIPV in the Tokyo-owned Tokyo Big Sight and the Okutama Water and Green Museum, along with an overview of the project's implementation. From 2023 to 2026, we will appropriately maintain and manage these facilities, measure the amount of energy they create, and administer questionnaires to visitors. Based on this, we will share and publicize information about their effectiveness through our website.

Kaneka and Taisei Corporation aim to bring about an environmentally-conscious society by actively introducing renewable energy technologies in a variety of building applications, as we contribute to decarbonization by the year 2050.

Tokyo Bureau of Environment "Selection of Project Implementers for the Renewable Energy Visualization Model Program for Tokyo-Owned Facilities (BIPV Power Generation Equipment)" page: https://www.kankyo.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/climate/own_efforts/mieruka/result.html

“T-Green” is a registered trademark of Taisei Corporation.