Kaneka adopts an Integrated Approach to Organic Food Business, From Organic Dairy Farming to the Production and Sale of Organic Dairy Products

- Launching “Pur Natur™ Organic Yogurt Plain” -

Kaneka Corporation
February 24, 2023
Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Minoru Tanaka) will launch a new JAS-certified*1 organic product, “Pur Natur™ Organic Yogurt Plain”, on March 1. The product will be sold through its affiliate company Kaneka Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Futoshi Fukuzaki), at organic specialty stores, supermarkets, food delivery services, and the Kaneka Online Shop*2.

This product is made from organic raw milk*3 from Betsukai Wellness Farm*4 (Betsukai-cho, Notsuke-District, Hokkaido), a dedicated organic farm that was established in 2021 and which acquired organic JAS certification in December 2022. In addition to the rich flavor of organic raw milk from healthy cows raised on the fertile land, this organic yogurt features a unique smooth texture by virtue of the traditional method of Pur Natur of Belgium.

Betsukai Wellness Farm aims to achieve sustainable, circular dairy farming that is friendly to people, cows, and the environment. This is realized by reducing labor on the dairy farm through the installation of automatic milking machines, reducing cow stress with free-access barns and free stall keeping*5, and utilizing renewable energy through insulation and solar power generation.

In addition to our dairy products such as “Milk for Bread™” and “Belgian Yogurt Pur Natur™”, we are also developing dairy products, such as “Watashi no Chikara™ (My Energy) Q10 Yogurt”, to support consumers’ health. Furthermore, we are developing our supplement business, including the active form of coenzyme Q10, and our group company AB-Biotics SA (Headquarters: Spain) is developing its probiotics business mainly in Europe and the U.S. In the future, we will expand our yogurt product lineup utilizing our distinctive and original probiotics, and will strive to develop and promote more organic dairy products. We will continue to contribute to our customers' health and rich dietary lives.

About “Pur Natur™ Organic Yogurt Plain”
Retailers: Organic specialty stores, supermarkets, food delivery services, Kaneka online shop, etc.*6
Contents: 330g
Suggested Retail Price: 458 yen + tax (494 yen incl. tax) *7
Brand Website: https://kaneka-purnatur.jp/organic/

Product Features:
・Organic JAS Certified: Pur Natur™ Organic Yogurt Plain is an Organic JAS Certified product.
・A2 Milk: We use A2 milk*8, a trend in the overseas milk market. Cows raised at Betsukai Wellness Farm are all confirmed to have A2 genes.
・Learning and Experiencing Dairy Farming: The brand website will provide a series of contents that will make organic farming more familiar to consumers through this product.

*1. An inspection and certification system for organic food products established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. It certifies that      agricultural products and livestock products are produced without chemical substances such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
*2. Kaneka Online Shop ( https://www.kaneka.co.jp/onlineshop/ )
*3. Organic raw milk is milked from cows raised in an environment that complies with organic JAS certification standards, including the use of organic feed. Raw      milk is milk as is with no processing. It is the raw material for milk and dairy products.
*4. A company that manufactures and sells organic raw milk which was established by Kaneka and the daily farming partner, Betsukai Milk World Co., Ltd. In April    2021, a dedicated organic ranch was completed, and in December 2022, the farm received organic JAS certification.
*5. A barn for cows to roam freely without being tied up is called a free-stall barn.
*6. Some stores may not offer this product.
*7. As this product is subject to the reduced tax rate, price including tax is shown with 8% consumption tax.
*8. Beta casein, one of the proteins contained in milk, has two types, A1 type and A2 type, depending on genetic differences. The genetic combination of an            individual dairy cow determines whether it is an A1 or A2 type. The milk produced by the A2 type daily cow is called A2 milk.

                                                                      Barn of Betsukai Wellness Farm