KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™’s First Reusable Food Containers Adopted by JAL for International In-flight Meals

April 11, 2024
JALUX Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoru Takahama; hereinafter "JALUX") and Kaneka Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuhiko Fujii; hereinafter "Kaneka") are working to reduce environmental impact through the development and expansion of new products using KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet

 (hereinafter "Green Planet"). Kaneka has developed the first reusable food container made from Green Planet, which will be used as a side dish container for in-flight meals served on JAL's international flights starting in June.

                                                                        Food containers for international in-flight meals
                                                             (The top 3 side-dish containers are made from Green Planet)

In order to leave a more beautiful planet to future generations, by fiscal year 2025, the JAL Group aims to totally eliminate the use of primary petroleum-derived plastics from the disposable plastics provided in their cabins and lounges. As part of this initiative, JALUX and Kaneka have been jointly developing 100% biomass-derived Green Planet containers, which will be used for in-flight side dish containers for JAL's international flights from June 2024. As well as contributing to the elimination of new petroleum-derived products, we also aim to further reduce environmental impact by making it possible to reuse these containers.

In addition, the design office "nendo" supervised the overall design of the in-flight meal tray under the JAL in-flight amenity renewal project, and by pursuing design and functionality for this product, they achieved a "warm texture that expresses lightweight and non-petroleum-derived plastics". The containers are actually colored by natural minerals which means that both materials and coloring agents come from non-petroleum-derived materials. Furthermore, by reducing the weight by approximately 30% compared to current side dish containers, the product is expected to reduce CO2 emissions during flight.

JALUX and Kaneka have already introduced Green Planet to the airport and aviation industry through the airport store JAL PLAZA, JAL in-flight sales shopping bags, and onigiri (rice ball) film wrapping material at JAL Diamond Premier Lounge, and this will be Green Planet's first reusable product. We will continue to strengthen collaboration to develop products that contribute to reducing environmental impact not only in the aviation and airport fields, but also in a wide range of other fields.

<What is Green Planet?>
Green Planet, developed by Kaneka, is a biomass polymer produced from vegetable oil and other raw materials by microorganisms. It easily decomposes in soil and in seawater, eventually returning to CO2 and water*1, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. It has been certified as biodegradable in seawater by OK Biodegradable MARINE*2.
Green Planet is attracting attention as a material that can provide innovative solutions because it can be processed into a wide variety of products in the same way as general-purpose plastics. It has been introduced in a wide range of fields through the development of various forms of products, including cutlery, shopping bags, food film packaging, reusable products, and non-woven fabrics.

*1. The progress of biodegradation depends on the environment like temperature and microorganisms in seawater.
*2. Biodegrades at least 90% in seawater (30℃) within 6 months. The "OK Biodegradable MARINE" certificate was issued to Green Planet(formerly called PHBHTM)in September 2017 by Vincotte, an international certifying body headquartered in Belgium. TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium NV took over the certification work from Vincotte in December 2017.

<General description of JALUX>
A trading company with strengths in the aviation and airport fields. In addition to operating BLUE SKY at 25 airports nationwide, JAL Shopping, Japan Airlines’ online shop and JAL Hometown Tax, it deals with a wide range of businesses including equipment related to the environment.

Company Name: JALUX Inc.
Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO: Satoru Takahama
Business description: aviation/airports, life services, retail, food and beverages

<General description of KANEKA>
"KANEKA thinks Wellness First." Based on this, we will carve out a rich future by providing solutions to the three crises the world is facing: environment/energy, food and health, from various angles.

Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO: Kazuhiko Fujii
Business description: Production and sales of life science (small molecule & biopharmaceuticals, supplements, medical devices, biodegradable polymer, solar cells, etc.), chemicals, functional resins, expandable plastics, food, electronics, synthetic fibers