Enhancement of lipolysis by single dose of Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™ )

September 27, 2012
Kaneka Corporation (located in Osaka, President Kimikazu Sugawara) confirmed the effect of Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) * in enhancing lipolysis in collaboration with Professor Tomonori Nadamoto in Department of Food Science and Nutrition School of Human Culture, at University of Shiga Prefecture. This discovery was reported at the annual meeting of 59th Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology in Fuji Women’s University on 29-31 August.

In this study, breath tests were performed during ergometer exercise with 10 young women (19~23 y.o) at 4 hours after taking a single dose of placebo or 600mg of Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™). The ergometer loads corresponding to 10, 20, 30, or 40% of Maximum Oxygen Consumption( VO2 max) were set up for each subject.

It was found that the mean value of oxygen consumption (VO2 ) of subjects in the Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) group was significantly higher than the placebo group under the exercise load corresponding to 40% of VO2 max. (It is known that higher VO2 during exercise corresponds to enhancing caloric consumption.)Furthermore, the mean values of respiration quotient (RQ) in the Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) were significantly lower than the placebo group under the exercise loads corresponding to 20~40% of VO2 max. These results suggest that lipolysis is enhanced by taking Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) and this effect could be significantly enhanced by the combination of long-term or mild-intensity exercises.

* Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) is an evidence based food supplement ingredient to reduce body fat. It has been recently shown that Glavonoid increases muscle weight as well as reducing body fat. In addition, Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) elevated skin temperatures in body trunks in young women with cold sensitivity. These findings indicate that Licorice Glabra Polyphenols (Glavonoid™) can support bodyshaping into a fit and healthy body by activating basal metabolism.