Kaneka Corporation Started to Co-develop Cosmetics Containers made of Biodegradable Polymer PHBH with Shiseido Company, Limited

Kaneka Corporation
April 24, 2019

Kaneka pursues business from a variety of aspects for vigorous and healthy life of people and to play a role in solving social issues. In response to the arrival of an era of the 100-year life, Kaneka Corporation discussed with Shiseido Company, Limited on the science and technology solutions for health as well as worsening global environmental issues, and the companies agreed on the importance of values to create a sustainable and comfortable society. We have now agreed with Shiseido Company, Limited to co-develop cosmetics packaging made of “Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer PHBH”, which is our very unique material that is proposed as a solution to the marine pollution due to plastic.

While plastic products are very convenient and essential in our daily lives, they are often not disposed properly. There has been increasing concern that marine microplastics may affect our biological systems and human health. In the midst of growing interest in eco-friendly materials, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., who has continuously worked to reduce environmental impact by improving its packaging materials, jointly developed products with Kaneka using PHBH and gave for a highly complementary remark on PHBH for its excellent biodegradability in seawater.

PHBH is a 100% plant-based biopolymer developed by Kaneka and has an excellent biodegradability under different environmental conditions. Particularly in recent years, marine pollution by microplastic has become a global social issue due to the rising concern of its negative impact on biological system. With “OK Biodegradable MARINE*” certification that guarantees biodegradability in seawater, PHBH would be able to contribute to the reduction of marine pollutions.

In order to pass a beautiful environment to our next generations, Kaneka will continuously contribute to the solution of environmental problems through development of innovative and sustainable materials.

* The “OK Biodegradable MARINE” certificate was issued in September 2017 by Vincotte, an international certifying body headquartered in Belgium. TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium NV took over thecertification work from Vincotte in December 2017.