This latent heat storage material (phase change material, or PCM) is designed to deliver heat insulation and heat-retaining benefits in a target temperature range, with variants available for temperatures ranging from about -50°C to 50°C. We can propose shipping packaging that maintains a constant temperature for an extended period of time by combining it with an insulated container made from foamed polyethylene using the bead method and Kaneka raw materials.

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Constant-temperature shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, reagents, blood and test specimens, cells, chemicals, fresh foods, refrigerated and frozen products, etc.

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Foam & Residential Techs

Expandable plastics is used in a broad range of applications, including as shock-absorbing packaging for precision devices and as fish containers.

These products enrich our lives behind the scenes by serving as insulation to keep our houses comfortable, as a core material in the bumpers that make cars lighter and safer, and as constant-temperature shipping packages that allow products to be shipped at constant temperature.