President  Mamoru Kadokura President  Mamoru Kadokura

The New Economy Is Here!
We will materialize discontinuous growth by accelerating portfolio transformation.

Through the technological innovation such as digital transformation (DX) and “data-ism,” our society and business environment are being transformed at speed that exceeds what most people have imagined. Environmental awareness is rising worldwide, and initiatives to realize a sustainable society in areas such as energy, resources, and food problem are accelerating on a global scale, dramatically expanding the domains in which chemistry can make a contribution. Conventional and obsolete materials and solutions are being left behind and getting less competitive. As the world shifts rapidly from the Old Economy to the New Economy, materializing discontinuous growth is the key for companies to survive by speeding up the innovation and social implementation of new businesses. In the New Economy, companies must propose and provide solutions to crucial social issues by anticipating the future society needs and changes, not merely solving the existing problems.

Kaneka practices ESG management in an effort to achieve the goal of “Wellness- First Management” by making the world healthy. We’ve identified Environment and Energy, Food, and Wellness as three areas in which the world faces crises, and we will reform our portfolio accordingly through investing to drive R&D and create new businesses. Based on our key strengths: “highly competitive technological and global development capabilities to create innovative products continuously”, we will solve social issues by identifying future social needs and proposing solutions.

We’re committed to pursuing the situation in which each and every employee is mentally and physically healthy, and our corporate activities and attitudes are sound. What is important for top management is to discern and commit a vision of what a society should be, improve corporate attitude, and realize corporate governance in response as necessary.

Under the new medium-term management plan that began in April 2020, we’ll continue the transformation of R&D into R&B (Research & Business) that we initiated last year and create major new businesses by delivering solutions to social issues. We’ll also put into practice the “Human Driven Company” concept, which serves as the backbone of our management philosophy, by pursuing the Kaneka 1on1 workshop for facilitating personal growth through work.

I look forward to your guidance and support as we do so.