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President's Message

Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future as a Solution Provider through innovative chemistry

Society and business environment are transforming rapidly throughout the borderless world. To realize a sustainable society, efforts for finding solutions towards environment, energy, food and health issues are being accelerated. While the effects on climate change caused by CO2 emission and global warming are serious, there is growing awareness of the need for humanity to protect the global environment. Standing at the important turning point only once in a hundred years, new and promising business opportunities are opened up to the chemical industry thanks to a technology innovation.

We, Kaneka Group, have established ESG Charter following our corporate philosophy: “With people and technology growing together into creative fusion, we will break fresh ground for the future and tie in to explore New Values. We are also committed to challenging the environmental issues of our planet and contribute to upgrading the quality of life”. To intensify and promote our activities on “Environment”, “Social”, and “Governance”, our ESG Charter guides the actions of every individual in our organization. As an R&D-oriented material manufacturer, we will achieve innovation and create new technologies to solve social problems. And we will provide valuable products and system making full use of such technologies. In this manner, we will contribute to making our society sustainable as well as achieve our growth.

We revised our management systems in April 2017 to advance our policy as a Solution Provider. Nine business divisions have been renamed Solutions Vehicles (SVs), regrouped into four Solutions Units (SUs): Material SU, Quality of Life SU, Health Care SU, and Nutrition SU.

Kaneka’s new Medium-term Management Plan (introduced in April 2018) has improved the management system reform of 2017 and reaffirms our commitment as a Solution Provider to contribute to the advancement of life and environment of people worldwide, delivering valuable solutions through chemistry. We are reinforcing dedications to solve issues such as protection of the environment, energy saving, IT innovation, comfortable life, food production and nutrition, aging societies and advanced medical treatments. Setting up the main drivers for future growth – “R&D”, “globalization”, and “human resource development” – we aim to strengthen our business approach from market/customer-oriented viewpoint, improve the productivity of our entire value chain, and accelerate the glocalization.

Kaneka Group is committed to meeting its stakeholders’ expectations and becoming an estimable company with competitive business structure by solving society’s problems.

We would appreciate your continued support and guidance.


Mamoru Kadokura