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Corporate Philosophy

On the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we have set forth a new corporate philosophy, corporate ideals and basic corporate social responsibility policy to achieve the innovation and growth that will lead us into the future.

Kaneka's Corporate Philosophy

With people and technology growing together into creative fusion, we will break fresh ground for the future and tie in to explore New Values. We are also committed to challenging the environmental issues of our planet and contribute to upgrading the quality of life.

Kaneka's Corporate Ideals

Toward an Even More Impressive and Productive Future

Hold in your hands the future you have always dreamed of. We are a highly perceptive and collaborative value-creating group or, as we like to say, a "Dreamology Company."

*"Dreamology" is an expression coined from 'dream' and 'ology' (science). Our "Dreamology Company" is a "highly perceptive and collaborative value-creating group."

Tie to the future
As a research and development company brimming with creative energy and passion, we will create future-oriented businesses that leap beyond current market needs and back them up with new product development, thus protecting the global environment and contributing to the quality of life.
Tie to the world
We are determined to become a truly global enterprise with diverse human resources working together on a global scale. Our presence will be felt in markets around the world, including newly emerging ones.
Tie with value
We are proud of our unity and identity as the Kaneka Group and will take on the challenges of value creation and business innovation through close collaboration.
Tie for innovation
We will never cease to pursue innovation, fusing wisdom from both internal and external sources without getting caught up in organizational compartmentalization and conventional ways of doing things.
Tie with people
We in the Kaneka Group believe that the wellspring of corporate growth resides in human resources and will continue to seek innovation as we cultivate and nurture our valued employees.

ESG Charter (Putting the Corporate Philosophy Into Practice)

We offer solutions characterized by value to global markets and contribute to the evolution of lifestyles and the environment through innovative chemistry.
  1. We bring innovation to lifestyles and the environment by harnessing the unlimited potential of chemical materials to help communities achieve sustainability. (Earthology Chemical Solution)
  2. By adopting a unified approach to food and medicine that is defined by a focus on chemistry, we provide innovative solutions that empower people to live healthier lives. (Active Human Life Solution)
We fulfill our social responsibility by empowering individual employees to put our corporate philosophy into practice through serious, forward-looking effort.
  1. We actively contribute to our communities by cultivating understanding of the cultures and customs of the countries and regions where we do business and by pursuing corporate activities that are deeply rooted in those communities.
  2. We operate our businesses in a fair and impartial manner based on the principles of free competition and legal compliance.
  3. We’re committed to communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders and to making information about our operations available in a timely and appropriate manner.
  4. We strive to foster an organizational culture that respects the personalities and uniqueness of all employees so that they can enjoy good health, feel motivated, and make the most of their abilities.
  5. Reflecting a commitment to make safety the top priority in our operations, we work to create safe and healthy workplaces, ensure product safety, and protect and preserve the environment.
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