1. What is Sunduren ?

Sunduren is Acrylic film that KANEKA invented based on our resin and processing technology.
Sunduren has been used for various applications, for example building material, retro reflective sheet, automobile interior and optics. This is because Sunduren has good weath er-ability, transparency and easy processing.
Our Sunduren is expected to expand business area in response to rapidly changing era.

Sunduren(weather-resistant acrylic film)

2. Features of Sunduren

Sunduren has following properties..

  • Good weather-ability
  • Good transparency
  • Good flexibility and crease resistance
  • Good crease whitening
  • Good haze after heating
  • Easy to apply Vacuum forming process
  • Good printing property
  • Good film surface(very little fisheye)

3. Sunduren for various applications

Sunduren has been used for various applications as follows due to plenty of grade lineup.


Decorative sheet for building
Overlay film of Decorative sheet (PVC etc)
Sunduren increases weather-ability, hardness, chemical resistance by laminating our film to PVC, PC, PET etc.
Retro reflective sheet
Overlay film of Retro reflective sheet (transparency colored film)
We have so many color lineups for this application.
Our film also has good scratch resistance and processing properties.
Auto mobile interior sheet
For in mold and insert processing.
Sunduren can be used for surface of auto mobile interior through IMD/IMl processing and printed directly.
These hard type grades have very good transparency, easiness to trim.


Grade SD001 SD014 SD007 SD010 SD009
Thickness (μm)
53 53 75 125 125
Tensile Strength
MD 46 40 53 45 53
(MPa) TD 43 38 44 47 54
MD 114 134 94 56 25
(%) TD 126 143 63 57 25
Pencil Hardness
2B 2B F F 2H
Glass-transition temp
85 96 103 113 114
141 144 144 147 147
Total light transmittance
93 93 92 92 92
Haze (%)
0.9 0.7 0.8 0.5 0.6
Feature Soft Soft
(Clear and Matt)
(Clear and Color)
(Clear and Matt)
(Clear and Matt)

*These data are typical and not warranted.
We have several colors of SD007 in order to deal with various requests from customers..


If you have any questions and inquire, please contact us.