Disposable devices and machines which are used in processing of cells. At our Yokohama clinic, patient derived fat and stem cells are used in CAL breast augmentation.
Using our expertise in the field and academia-industry partnership, we work to develop cellular drugs and support drug discovery using iPS cells for the realization of regenerative mediciine & cell therapy.

Product Name

Bone marrow MSC separation device
Umbilical nucleated blood cell separation device

Cell separation devices

KANEKA Programmable closed circuit cell culture system

Programmable closed circuit cell culture system

KANEKA Cell Washing Concentration System

Cell Washing Concentration System

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Kaneka is innovating in the area of medical products, for example in the form of catheters used to treat conditions inside blood vessels and blood purification systems.

We offer an extensive line of products to meet an array of treatment needs, and we’re contributing to the evolution of medical technology.