Kaneka Group will disclose information on its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) activities in the Kaneka Integrated Report 2018 to strengthen its efforts for ESG management.
We focus on wellness-first management to make the world more wellness-oriented, ensuring the creation of both social and economic value in a healthy manner through our business activities.
The Kaneka Integrated Report 2018 delivers information on how we will play a role in resolving global issues in the fields of the environment and energy, food, and health, while recognizing these issues as global crises and keeping expectations high.
We trust that our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders understand the significance of the Kaneka Integrated Report 2018.

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Full Report (4.22MB)

Management Philosophy (185KB)

Management Philosophy Structure
New Management System

Social Value Creation (345KB)

KANEKA thinks “Wellness First”
History of Kaneka’s Reform

Management Strategies (2.37MB)

Interview with the Chairman
R&D Strategies
Special Feature 1: Wellness-first Global Environment
Special Feature 2: Wellness and Comfortable Life
Special Feature 3: Wellness

Business Foundation (704KB)

List of Directors
Corporate Governance
Business Risks and Uncertainties
Intellectual Property
ESG Promotion System
Job Satisfaction

Appendices (412KB)

Consolidated Financial Statements
Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights
Corporate Profile / Global Network

Data Sheet 2018 (1.08MB)

Back Number of Report

(Note) For the 2018 version, only the Kaneka Integrated Report 2018 is available.