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Expandable Plastics and Products

We want to contribute to the protection of the global environment through insulation and energy conservation.

Polypropylene foam made with the bead method


Eperan™ PP

Compared to expanded polyethylene, Eperan PP has greater heat resistance and dimensional accuracy. It is used as a shock absorber for automobile bumpers and packaging materials.

Polyethylene foam made with the bead method



Eperan is an expanded polyethylene that Kaneka has succeeded in making from foamed beads.

Expandable polystyrene



This expandable polystyrene is widely used in cushion packaging materials for electric products, groceries, and fish containers.

Polystyrene foam boards with the extrusion method


Kanelite Foam™

These lightweight boards with excellent insulating properties are widely used as insulation in buildings, factories, houses and refrigerated warehouses. We were the first in the world to successfully develop JIS category-3 insulation boards foamed with a non-fluorocarbon and non-halogen agent system. These boards are also used widely as core materials in tatami mats and doors.

Kanelite Foam™ Products


kanelite Inser™

This insulation material for wooden residences has the great feature of being able to be installed without gaps while using no nails or clasps.

Kanepearl™ Soil Block

This large expanded polystyrene product is used in civil engineering projects. As a raw materials it is strong, light and offers outstanding water resistance.

Wooden house construction system


Solar Circuit™

This wooden house construction system incorporates Kaneka's energy conservation technology and offers a natural and healthy living environment for all seasons in Japan.
*This construction system is provided by SC Housing System Corporation.
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