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New Business Development

Kaneka will keep establishing competitive businesses in expanding fields so that we can grow and advance dramatically as a global business. Combining our diverse technological abilities, we will enter new business fields.



The world’s first completely bio-based polymer with soft and heat-resistant properties
KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer PHBH™

This biodegradable polymer, which uses vegetable fats and oils and other biomass as its primary raw materials, eventually degrades into carbon dioxide and water. With excellent biodegradability and heat resistance characteristics, we expect that it will be used in a wide variety of applications, including for materials used in agriculture, civil engineering, packaging and automobile interiors, and that it will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the preservation of the environment.

Organic EL Lighting Panels


With the world's first five-color lineup — next-generation lights combining the longest life and thinness in the industry
Organic EL Lighting Panels

Kaneka's OLED lighting panels have extremely thin surface light sources, whose light is soft and close to natural light. Offering a selection of five colors — white, red, orange, blue, and green — these panels have expanded on the possibilities of design, and meet diverse lighting needs. The white color panel stands out for its combination of industry top-class longevity and thinness, as well as its versatility as a next-generation light source. We have also added thin modules to our lineup that are easy to replace when necessary.

Hip Protector


Kaneka Hip Protector
Innerwear with shock-absorbing pads

Femoral neck fracture often occurs when elderly people, especially women, fall down. It is one of the major reasons to become in need of care or bedridden. Hip protectors are known to be effective in preventing femoral neck fracture, but it has not been widely used, due to the hardness and thickness of pads which makes protectors uncomfortable. Kaneka teamed up with Nagoya University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology Hospital to develop a revolutionary, new hip protector. New pads are only 6mm thick, thinner than anything before. It feels comfortable to wear and minimizes impacts in case of a fall.

New High Performance Fertilizer


Taking agriculture beyond current limits to a whole new level

KANEKA PEPTIDE™ is a fertilizer made primarily of oxidized glutathione, a form of peptide.
It potentially increases the yield of agricultural produce, particularly potatoes and vegetables.
Oxidized glutathione is a dimer of the tripeptide consisting of glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid (reduced glutathione).
The safe material exists in the living cells of all organisms, including plants.



Cyclic lipopeptide-based biosurfactant produced by fermentation
KANEKA Surfactin

KANEKA Surfactin (INCI Name: Sodium Surfactin) is a cyclic lipopeptide-based biosurfactant produced by a harmless microbial, Bacillus subtilis, during the process of fermentation. KANEKA Surfactin shows unique properties derived from its cyclic lipopeptide structure consists of 7 amino-acids. Because of the cyclic structure, KANEKA Surfactin works as surfactant as low concentration as 3 ppm. Moreover, KANEKA Surfactin shows multiplying effect to improve the performance of other surfactants such as SDS and LAS.
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