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Supplemental Nutrition Solutions Vehicle

We want to make people smile using our biotechnologies.


HGP KANEKA and other pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

Products and Services for Biopharmaceuticals



KANEKA KanCapA is the affinity chromatography resin for purification of monoclonal antibody, which is developed by synergy of biotechnology and synthetic technology.

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Support for Biopharmaceutical Development

We provide full support, from drug discovery research, to commercial production of the selected biopharmaceuticals.

· Contracted manufacturing and Services:
In alliance with Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. (headquarters: Liege, Belgium), we manufacture biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic products such as oligonucleotides, peptides, plasmids and proteins, and provide related services.

・Drug discovery search for biopharmaceuticals
GeneFrontier Corporation (GFC) is targeting the next era of antibody therapeutics in Biologics. GFC is developing new technologies for antibody therapeutics and beyond antibodies, like scaffold.

Transdermal medicine

KANEKA CORPORATION and MEDRx have established a new joint venture "KM Transderm Ltd." for the manufacturing and research and development of a transdermal medicine in Sep. 2009. KM Transderm Ltd. integrates MEDRx's expertise technology in transdermal medical products formulation with Kaneka's expertise technology in polymer materials. By using technologies, KM Transderm pursues developing innovative and unique medical products that meet physicians' needs and contribute to the QOL of patients, while leveraging its strong network with leading pharmaceutical companies.

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